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Swag has put together a comprehensive range of affordable handheld tablets to suit the needs of all South Africans. Swag Tabs are built on the acclaimed Android platform and together with the Google Play store will give you access to some of the world’s most popular applications such as YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter and open your eyes to a host of life altering applications that you will use every day for news, books, shopping, cooking, gaming and even educating your child.





All of the Swag Tabs come standard with Wi-Fi, a 2MP rear camera and a minimum of 4GB on-board storage to match with either a 7” or 10” multi-touch screen depending on the exact model and Swag Tabs also have a microSD slot so you can immediately interact with the photos and videos you may need.

Especially for kids

Kids Swag Tab comes with a bundled security app called KnP which allows you to remotely monitor what apps your children are using and how; from anywhere in the world.  So with children’s education moving away from text books and towards tablets, now is the time to get your family familiar with the future.


Everyone has been left in that situation where your mobile device has run flat. Now with the Swag Powerbank you will no longer be left in the lurch when that happens. Powerbanks are a portable solution that will fully re-charge your mobile phone, tablet or any devices like camera's that have a USB connection and up to three times off a single charge, and can retain 80% of its charge for 3 months if not used. Meaning that even power hungry devices can have their hunger sated numerous times per day. Powerbanks come in one of three convenient sizes and are compact enough to keep in your car, handbag or nappy bag to ensure that you are charged and ready to engage the world and stay that way.

Find Swag-Tab on their website, Facebook or Twitter. Also enter our AMAZING Swag-Tab competition here.   


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#1 sammy100 2013-11-22 17:32
Where can I send my childs pic for the competition tnx ;-)

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