file Un-medicated & natural birth at Medi Clinic

5 months 4 weeks ago #281058 by kirstenw23
I'm here to show off (which isn't exactly the proper term) that I had a large kidney stone that has been causing me pain for weeks. When it comes to the comparison between kidney stone pain and the pain of childbirth, most people agree that kidney stones hurt worse (and are the worst pain imaginable), and I have to agree with them because I would never even dream of having another child if I had a child that hurt like my kidney stone did. Nonetheless, it is usual for women to produce multiple children. I'm sure everybody who's ever had a stone would agree. Having a child, on the other hand, I'm sure aches and is dreadful in its own way. A lot of respect for the women.

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3 years 3 months ago #280725 by Jay-Bee01
Hi. Have any of you had a un-medicated and natural birth in a Medi Clinic hospital in the Northern Subs of Cape Town.  

If so please can you tell me your experience?

* TTC baby #1 for 1.5 years
(tried naturally for 1 year - anovulatory cycles)
(medicated Fertomid cycles for 5 months)
BFP - 1 Sept 2015 - un medicated cycle
TTC baby #2 - October 2017
BFP - 3 January 2018

TTC baby #3 in 2021

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