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 Carrin Burkimsher gave birth on the 15th of May this year and shares her birth story here. 

Adele Bosman (30) was determined to birth her twin babies naturally. Read her story here.

Erika de Lange (30) was fascinated with the idea of a homebirth, even though it freaked her out. 

Siobhan Mairead Wilcox (40) always thought her work was her life. Read her story here.

Bonnita (25) planned a natural birth. She was induced at 39 weeks and ended up having a c-section.

Jozlyn Kitching is the mother to two boys, Simon (4) and Benjamin (1 and a half). 

Ingrid Coetzee planned a home water birth  but ended up having a dry home birth.

Kerry (28) planned a natural hospital birth with no interventions. But had two failed attempts at a spinal block.

Nelia Strydom (29) wants to inspire more moms towards natural birth and hope to have a blog one day.