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8 years 6 months ago #246397 by Administrator
The response to the birth series has been AMAZING. It is going to be so great to put all these stories together. If you want to share yours, you can copy and paste the following questions, answer what is applicable to you and then mail it back to me at Please also attach a picture you are comfortable sharing.

Your name, surname, baby's name and your ages?
What birth did you plan and what birth did you have?
When did you give birth?
How long did you labour for?
How much research did you do beforehand and why did you decide on the choice you made?
How did your choices with your births vary and why did you choose different experiences?
Do you feel you were completely ready for the experience and the feelings you experienced?
Tell me about your birth. How did you know you were in labour, how did it feel?
How did you deal with sensations and feelings that came up during your labour?
What surprised you most about the experience?
What amazed you most about the experience you had?
While you were in labour, what were going through your head? What got you through it?
How did you deal with other people's fears about your experience, if any?
Did you experience any fear?
How did you deal with it or handle it?
What books did you read?
What was positive about your experience?
Anything negative?
How much did baby weigh?
At how many weeks was baby born?
Do you work and if so, what do you do?
Lastly, a few words from your husband if he would? His name, his view on birthing, what was he scared of, how involved was he and how does he now view birth?

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8 years 6 months ago #246342 by Administrator
I am doing a Birth Series and need ladies with the following experiences to talk to. Please email me at with your contact details.

Have you had one of the following births that you can remember vividly and speak about quite extensively? Did you do a lot of research before deciding on your birth choice?

Natural birth with Epidural/Gas/Pethadine
Natural hospital birth with no interventions
VBAC at hospital or home
Natural home/water birth
Free birth (birthing at home with no assistance from an outsider)


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