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Hi Betty101,

It does take a couple of days for your milk supply to come in - in the first few days your baby only needs the colostrum that comes from your breast.

You could try drinking Jungle Juice - it should give you some energy and help with milk supply. You can drink as much of it as you want ;) Here is the recipe for it:

1L Boiled water
1L Apple juice
1 Sachet Black current Rehydrate
60ml Schlehen Blackthorn Berry Elixir (can get this at clicks or Dischem)
8-10 drops Rescue Remedy (optional)

It makes 2L and must be consumed within 24 hours
These are all safe to use while breastfeeding

Try and not stress about it as stress can have a negative effect on your milk supply

Good luck ;)

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Your baby's stomach is so tiny in the beginning whatever you have will be sufficient. Your body carried your baby for 9 months - it is more than able to feed your baby now. Don't stress! And don't let anyone pressure you into giving formula. Your breastmilk is what baby needs. I found that having oats in the morning helps, and I also took Fenugreek in the beginning. Just don't take it for longer than a week at a time. And relax, enjoy your baby, have lots of skin to skin time - it also tells your body to increase supply. You always have enough milk! Even if you think your breast is empty, baby can still get milk out. Relax and enjoy the cuddles!

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5 years 7 months ago #275353 by Betty101
Hello all,
I had a very difficult pregnancy. I had an emergency C section at the end. I would just love to feed my baby girl, but I don't have enough milk. Often I have a very less milk, and sometimes no milk at all. I am very concerned about her and I just want to feed my kid with natural antibodies. I'm struggling to provide milk. My husband told me that he'll seek about breastfeeding support services Toronto. Recently I came across one such service . My friends told me that lactation problem is very common after C section and the milk will come in within few days. Has anyone here had the similar situation ?? If yes how did you overcome that?? Do I really need the help of lactation consultants or should I wait for some more days??

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