What is the Fertility Show South Africa? Featured

One in six couples experience infertility and need some help to fall pregnant.

It can be a very hard and very long journey and becoming part of the community, can help break the stigma.

Here on Moomie, we have a special fertility space where you can chat anonymous, without the fear of being judged. 

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The Fertility Show Africa offers those struggling to conceive, and those on a journey to parenthood a unique opportunity to meet face-to-face, live and online, with a wide range of experts, at one time and in a space where they can engage, ask questions, find answers and gather information from some of Africa’s best specialists, embryologists, nurses, psychologists, social workers and wellness support experts.

Returning this year is the unparalleled expert speakers’ programme – Expert Talks – live streamed to a main stage and featuring professionally produced content. Also back is Support Zone, intimate Q&A sessions with fertility specialists and experts, many of whom have struggled with infertility themselves. Visitors can go live on camera to ask questions or remain anonymous and just listen.

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Here are the guests for this year:

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