Jonathan Kaplan - Being a single dad through surrogacy Featured

Single men can also make use of surrogacy. Read here how Jonathan Kaplan is doing it.

Jonathan Kaplan is a former international rugby union referee. At the age of 47 he decided that he want a child of his own. 

There wasn't a lot of surrogates in Cape Town to choose from but luckily he found someone who he was familiar with. She already had children of her own but wanted to give something to someone - a gift called a miracle. They still have contact with each other. (Read the follow up article with Jackie who was the surrogate)

Jonathan's family and friends were very positive and supportive from the day he told them about his plans. He chose surrogacy above adoption because he was aiming for the first prize. And having a child of your own is first prize.

For the first four months Jonathan had a night nurse to help him with is baby boy, Kaleb. During the day he had his mother and friends to help him with his new born. 

Kaplan is now retired from refereeing at professional rugby games. When he is not being a referee at school rugby games only a few times a year he is working on a book on surrogacy or spending time with his boy who just turned one a few days ago. Jonathan says Kaleb is still too small to know his friends but they had a first birthday party with friends and family.

Jonathan says Kaleb is everything he ever wanted, he is a strong and healthy boy and together they make things work.

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