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5 years 2 weeks ago #277327 by Minyon02
I had the same problem with my daughter. I put off moving her for almost a year, she will be 4 September. She has now been at the new school for almost a month. Last week was a bit hars, she really misses her friends. Mornings she is very clingly but cant get her to leave in the afternoons. One of the teachers was at her previous school and she notices a huge difference in her. Her teacher says she is a bit clingy but so helpfull even with the other kids. Will still take her a while I think but the difference is noticable and I am happy I finally made the move.

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5 years 2 weeks ago #277325 by Moomie Moderator
Hi, DadZing

When my little girl was 2.5 years we have moved to a new town. She cried the first two days, which is very normal and by day 3 she was very happy when I dropped her off at school. When she was 5.5 years old (and my son 2 years) we had to move again. My girl was starting Grade R, she didn't know a single friend, the school or the teacher. Again it took her less than a week to fit in and make friends, same it was with my little boy. It's much harder for mommy than it is for them. :-). They will make friends quickly and (sad to say) but will forget about their other friends just as quick.

Some schools let the kids watch tv for a little while at the end of the day. As long as it's program/movie that kids can watch I don't think there's a problem with them watching tv at school. But only for a little while and not for the whole day because the teacher is tired.

Good luck with your choice. I believe your "mommy-instincts' will help you with your choice.

I've also posted your question on our Facebook Page. Here is the link.

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5 years 2 weeks ago #277321 by DadZing
Hi All,

So I am considering moving my child because I have concerns with her current teacher and think, it could actually be a school issue.

I have found a new school, but am concerned I am hurting \ damaging my daughter (3) because she will now leave her friends.
She is a busy little girl, but the teacher tells us she does not listen. We believe it’s a personality issues as none of her other teachers have an issue with her.
The other concern is that we often collect her and she is watching TV, because the teacher is tired.

Has anyone moved a young child and had issues?

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