Win: Who are you, Mr Goo? Featured

Three lucky people can each win a book, Who are you, Mr Goo? written by Zanri Kritzinger.

Who are you, Mr Goo?

Did you know that imaginary friends go to school? They learn who their human friend will be and how to be their best friend. Mr Goo is Ted's imaginary friend, but Ted wants nothing to do with him! What to do? The fantasy world created by award winning illustrator Stephen Wallace will delight little ones and teach them the value of good friends and working together to solve a problem.

Zanri Kritzinger

Zanri Kritzinger holds a B Com Marketing and IS Publishing Studies degree and started her publishing career at Via Afrika, then moved to Oxford University Press (SA) where she found specific delight in publishing creative materials focusing on the early childhood development phase. She currently lives in Barcelona, Spain.

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